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Scholes War Memorial

The Great War Panel on Scholes War Memorial
The Great War Panel on Scholes War Memorial

Barwick in Elmet
Scholes Ward
In Memory of the Brave
Men who Fought and Died
In the Great War 1914 - 1919.


The Second World War Panel on Scholes War Memorial
The Second World War Panel on Scholes War Memorial

1939 - 1945


I have, so far, been able to identify two men from families which were prominent in Scholes who died during their service. Lance Corporal Herbert McConnell and Leading Aircraftman William Chippindale.

The McConnell's came to Scholes from Headingley in Leeds soon after the end of the Great War, but long enough after it for their son to not be considered for inclusion amongst the names of the war dead. Herbert McConnell is, however, commemorated on the War Memorial at Headingley. The youngest son of the family, Leslie became very well known throughout village life, with his membership of the cricket club and his leadership of the village youth group.

The Chippindale's were the proprietory family behind the village's brick and tile works. The wider family provided four young men to fight the war and three of them were decorated for their bravery. The fourth was William Chippindale, firstly a member of the Royal Flying Corps and then on it's creation, the Royal Air Force. William Chippindale died of a combination of Tuberculosis and pnuemonia in 1921, almost a year after the completed War Memorials were unveiled, and therefore too late to be included among the war dead. He is however named alongside his fellow servicemen on the Nominal Roll displayed inside the Manor House.

L.A.C. William Chippindale, Royal Air Force.

L/Cpl Herbert Owen McConnell, Military Foot Police.

Remembering the Fallen of Two Villages on the Eastern Fringes of Leeds.

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