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The Scholes Roll of Service

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The War Memorial at Scholes, Location and History
Those named on Scholes War Memorial
The Scholes Roll of Service
Scholes Memorial Trees
The War Memorial at Barwick in Elmet, Location and History
Those named on Barwick in Elmet War Memorial
Barwick in Elmet Roll of Service
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The Manor House Roll of Honour does not differentiate between those men who served and returned and those who lost their lives. I have highlighted the names of the men who did not return. It is possible to link directly to each casualty's page by clicking on his name.
Eventually as work progresses, all names will become links to individual pages for each man or family group as they are identified and biographical details can be found.

The Manor House Nominal Roll

Barwick in Elmet
Scholes Ward

A Record of the Men Who
Served Their King and Country
In the Great War 1914 - 1919

Lt. R. Alvin,
Pte. J.W. Alderton,
Pte. G. Ackroyd,
Pte. H. Adamson,
Dvr. S. Alvin,
Pte. C. S. Alvin,
Pte. R.E. Ambler,
Sig. G. Armitage,
Pte. W. Atkinson,

Flt. Cadet W. Barrow,
Corp. H.C. Bean,
Pte. W.H. Bean,
Pte. E.G. Bean,
Pte. J. Braham,
Pte. G. Bramley,
Pte. J. Bramley,
Gnr. H. Bothan,

Lt. D. Chippindale MC,
Lt HM Chippindale MC,
Lt HA Chippindale MC,
1st Air M/c W. Chippindale,

Corp. H.H. Clarke,

Ldg. Stoker W. Cole,
Gnr. A. Cox,
Gnr W. Crossland,
Rfn. W. Cunningham,
Capt. S. Dewhirst,
Lt. H. Dewhirst,

Sap. T. Dawson,

Pte. H. Desmond,

Lt. H. Elsworth,
Pte. T. Eastwood,

Pte. E. Gardiner,
Pte. H. Gelder,

Pte. J.H. Gill,
Corp. T. Gill,
LCorp. W. Gregory,
Lt. N. Harrison,
2nd Lt. H. Harrison,
Pte. E. Haigh,
Rfn. E. Hardwick
Corp. F Harrison,
Pte. W. Harrison,
Pte. A. Hill,
Pte. G. Hill,
Gnr. W. Hill,
Gnr. J.T. Heywood,
RQMS L. Horncastle,
Pte. F. Howson,
Pte. R. Johnson,
Pte. A. Johnson,
Pte. F. Johnson,
Sgt. F.P. Kitchen,
Pte. W.H. Kitchen,
Cadet W. Mitchell,

AB. H. Marsden,

Pte B.S. Meek,

Sgt. H. McMillan,
Pte. F. Middleton,

Sgt. S. Milner,
AB. G. Nesham,

Pte. F. Pickersgill,

Pte. F. Pickles,
Gnr J.W. Precious,
Gnr A.F. Proctor,
Capt & Adj C Robinson,
Cadet J. Ross,
Pte. W. Reed MM,
Corp. F. Robinson,
Corp. R.H. Robinson,
Pte. B. Runton,
Capt. H. Sparling MC,
Lt. J.H. Simpson,
Wireless Off N Sparling,
2Lt. J. Sayes,
Pte. W. Sayes,
Pte S. Simpson,
Pte. C. Simpson,
Pte. H. Simpson,
Sap. R. Shaw,
Pte G. Shepherd,
Pte. H. Spencer,
Pte. H. Tinsley,
Lt. W. Towers,
Sgt. G. Wetherall,
Mate RN. E. Wilkinson,
LCorp. W. Wilkinson.

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