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Although this web site belongs to me and I am the one responsible for updates and ongoing research, what is contained in these pages is not solely my own work. When I began to research the war memorials I was unaware that there was someone else in Scholes who was doing exactly the same thing.

I was introduced to Christine Hudson in 2005 and we pooled our notes and took the project forward far enough to enable us to put together a memorial book in time to be presented to the Parish of Barwick in Elmet at the Remembrance Parade of that year.

Without Christine's input the pages of this web site would not have been possible, and I thank her for her enthusiasm and dedication to the project.

Highland Cemetery, Le Cateau
Highland Cemetery, Le Cateau, France. Frank Johnson is buried here.

The members of the Great War Forum must be specially mentioned, although to list everyone who has helped me would take forever. In the early days of my research they helped enormously.

Owl Trench Cemetery
Owl Trench Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France, Charles Robshaw is buried here.

They have supported me in my project to create this site, not only with advice and encouragement, but with hard facts and information. I thank them all.
I must also thank the many friends I have made in my years of travelling to the Western Front. Sadly, some of the older generation are now dead, but those charming old Flemings, Lucie and Filip, who lived on the road out of Ieper towards Wieltje, always had a smile, a wave, a few words of incomprehensible 'Flemglish' and often a coffee to share with me. And Filip was very generous with his foul smelling miniature cigars. He used the language barrier to ignore my refusals. Old makes way for the new, and I'm very pleased to be able to continue friendships and the trade of information with people who live on the old battlefields, both native and British ex-patriate.
Of course, any errors or omissions this website contains are mine and mine alone.


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